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    About us, founded in 2007, is an online journal exploring the intersection of computer vision, science, security and society.  It actively solicits and regularly features the contributions of journalists, scientists, and industry professionals.


    Editor & Contributor

    Stephen Russell is an entrepreneur, investor, writer, and all-around-believer in the power of technology to reshape the world. He is currently CEO & Founder of Prism Skylabs, Chairman & Founder of 3VR, and Editor of the online technology journal In his spare time he also designs underwear.


    Editor & Contributor

    Sherleen Mahoney is a founding partner of Mighty Pen Media, a successful writing and editing company. She also is a Web editor at UT Southwestern Medical Center. A transplanted New Yorker now living in Dallas, she specializes in writing for technology, health care, home design and restaurant industries. 



    Editor & Contributor

    Meg Weadock is the co-founder and co-owner of Mighty Pen Media. She is also a communications specialist at Monitronics International, a leading alarm monitoring company based in Dallas.




    Rajiv Shah is concerned with how technology reshapes the world. As an academic, he has written about the social implications of many technologies from buildings to Wi-Fi access points. His interest in video surveillance led to the Smart Cameras blog.  He now posts here.  He also maintains the blog, which focuses on surveillance in Chicago.